Nigeria Voters Education is a non governmental agency domiciled in Nigeria, created with the objective of sensitizing the populace on their rights to vote.
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Casting your vote for the candidate you've chosen in a democratic nation is your fundamental right. Learn more about your rights as a voter in Nigeria.
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Nigeria voters education  voter education in Nigeria

Twenty years after the 1999 commencement of Nigeria’s Fourth Republic, it is generally believed that although democracy seems to have come to stay, its processes and developmental outcomes are slow in coming. What is the character of the party system in Nigeria? Why, despite their existence for a considerably lengthy period, some since 1999, are political parties in Nigeria yet to be significantly managed like their peers in most parts of the developed world and many less developed countries?

  • How many political parties exist currently in Nigeria
    Following the deregistration of 76 political parties by INEC in 2020, only 18 parties are now authorized to operate in the country.
  • Functions of political parties
    Identifying and training leaders;
    Developing policy platforms;
    Presenting the best aspirants and candidates for office;
    Regulating office holders;
    Conducting research on party and political development;
    Encouraging public discourses; and
    Committing openly to the sustenance of democracy in every regards.
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Nigeria voters education  voter education in Nigeria

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