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Action Alliance Party
  • Name of Political Party: Action Alliance
  • Headquarters of the party: Plot 1977, Orlu Street, Area 3, Garki, Abuja
  • Year of formation: 2005
  • Prominent persons that formed the party: Prominent persons still in the party; Hon. Adekunle Rufai Omoaje, Sulaiman Abdrasheed, Ibraheem Isah, etc
  • Prominent persons still in the party:
  • Brief history of the party: Action Alliance also known as AA was formed in 2005.
  • Highest position attained by the party: They currently have two seats in the National Assembly for the 9th republic
  • Political leanings and ideology of the party:
  • Where the party has its largest base in the country: Imo state
  • Party website: N/A
  • Party exploits in recent elections: The party has been able to produce two members in the House of representatives. The two are Kingsley Uju and Paschal Obi representing OGUTA / OHAJI-EGBEMA / ORU WEST and EHIME MBANO / IHITE- UBOMA / OBOWO constituency respectively.
  • Party Structure
    1. A. The Party shall be organized and administered at five levels namely;
      • i. Ward
      • ii. Local Government Area (LGA)
      • iii. State
      • iv. Zonal
      • v. National
    2. Each level of the Party shall have a Party Secretariat
    3. The Organizational Structure of the Party at the state level shall apply mutatis mutandis to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.
  • Party internal mechanism
  • PARTY ORGANS The organs of the Party shall be as follows:
      • The National Convention
      • The National Think-Thank Committee
      • The National Executive Committee ZONAL Zonal Assembly
    2. STATE
      • The State Congress
      • The State Think – Thank Committee
      • The State Executive Committee
      • The Local Government Area Congress
      • The Local Government Area Think-Thank Committee
      • The Local Government Area Executive Committee
    4. D. WARD:
      • The Ward Congress
      • The Ward Think-Thank Committee
      • The Ward Executive Committee
      • The Action Alliance Caucus
      • The Board of Trustees
      • The Action Alliance Vanguard
      • The Action Alliance Prayer Committee (Christian & Islamic)
      • The Action Alliance Charity Committee
  • Social work/Impact of the party: N/A
  • Party representation in terms of women/People with Disabilities (PWDs): N/A
  • How do I join the party: Membership of the Party shall be open to every citizen of Nigeria irrespective of his/her religion, ethnic group, place of birth, sex, social or economic status:
    1. Application for membership shall be made on an individual basis;
    2. A person applying to be a member shall not be below the age of 18 years and not belong to another Political Party and if a member, has resigned his/her membership.
    3. He/she shall not be a member of the Armed Forces, Police, Security Agencies, Para-military organs, the Public Service of the Federation, State, Local Government/Area Council or a secret society;
    4. A person shall upon registration pay the prescribed registration or membership fees; and f. He/she shall accept the aims, objectives, principles, fundamental values, policies, and programs of the Party.