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  • Name of Political Party: Action Democratic Party
  • Headquarters of Party: Plot 3379A/3379B, Mungo Park Close, Off Jesse Jackson/Gimbya Street, Asokoro/Garki Area 11, Abuja.
  • Year of formation: 2017
  • Prominent persons that formed the party: N/A
  • Prominent persons still in the party: Engr. Yabagi Sani
  • Brief history of the party: The party was formed in June 2017 by some Nigerians who feel there should be a third force against the ruling party APC and the main opposition party PDP.
  • Highest position attained by the party: Member, Federal House of Reps
  • Political leanings and ideology of the party: N/A
  • Where the party has its largest base in the country: Oyo state
  • Party website:
  • Party exploits in recent elections: The party contested in the 2019 elections running for several positions including the post of president and some other legislative positions. However, they were able to win the OGBOMOSO NORTH/OGBOMOSHO SOUTH constituency in Oyo state represented by Hon Jacob Ajao Adeju.
  • Party Structure:
    1. The party shall be organized and administered at the following levels:
      • National
      • Zonal,
      • State;
      • Senatorial District;
      • Local Government Areas (LGA)
      • Ward and Polling Unit
    2. There shall be informal units for mobilization of voters during election campaigns, such as:
      • The Zonal constituency
      • The senatorial constituency
      • The ward constituency
      • The polling unit
    3. The party shall have a secretariat at all levels.
    4. The FCT Abuja shall be considered to be a State for the purpose of administration of the party.
  • Party internal mechanism: The party organs shall consist of the following:
    1. The Foundation Council.
    2. The National Convention
    3. The Board of Trustees
    4. The National Executive Committee
    5. The National Working Committee
    6. The Alternative Dispute Resolution Council
    7. The Zonal Congress
    8. The Zonal Executive Committee
    9. The Zonal Working Committee
    10. The State Congress
    11. The State Executive Committee
    12. The State Working Committee
    13. The Senatorial District Executive Committee
    14. The Senatorial District Working Committee
    15. The Local Government Area Congress
    16. The Local Government Executive Committee
    17. The Local Government Working Committee
    18. The Ward Congress 21
    19. The Ward Executive Committee
    20. The Ward Working Committee
    21. The Polling Unit Congress
    22. The Polling Unit Executive Committee
    23. The Polling Unit Working Committee
    24. Elders Councils at the State, Senatorial, Local Government and Ward levels
    25. Party Caucuses at the National and State levels
  • Social work/Impact of the party: N/A
  • Party representation in terms of women/People with Disabilities (PWDs): N/A
  • How do I join the party: Membership shall be opened to every citizen of Nigeria who satisfies the following conditions:
    1. Pay a prescribed registration non-refundable fee as may be fixed from time to time jointly by NEC and the Foundation Council.
    2. Has agreed to abide by the party‘s constitution and not below 18years
    3. He/she shall be registered and recognized at the party ward secretariat where he/she resides or works.
    4. Obtain a Membership Card.