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Labour Party (LP)
  • Name of Party: Labour Party (LP)
  • Year formed: formed in 2004
  • Prominent persons at formation: Alhaji Abdulkadir Abdulsalam (Baraden Paiko) RIP, National Chairman of Labour, Adams Aliyu Oshiomole, Fmr NLC President, Fmr Edo state Governor, Fmr APC National Chairman, Barr Julius Abure, National Secretary Labour Party (incumbent)
  • Prominent persons presently in the party: Barr Julius Abure, National Secretary Labour Party (incumbent) Comrade Eragbe Anslem, National Youth Leader
  • Brief History of Labour Party: It was formed in 2002, as the Party for Social Democracy by the Nigerian Labour Congress. Some of the party’s former notable members are Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, the former Governor of Ondo State and the only Labour Party Governor in Nigeria. Former Governor of Oyo State Chief Alao Akala, Adams Oshiomole, the former Governor of Edo State and suspended Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, The LP Candidate for Delta State, Ogboru etc.
  • The highest Position attained by the party: In the 21 April 2007 Nigerian National Assembly election, the party won 1 out of 360 seats in the House of Representatives and no seats in the Senate. The Party’s flag bearer in Ondo State, Olusegun Mimiko, emerged the state Governor after winning a judicial challenge
  • Political leaning and ideology of the party: Labour Party’s ideological leaning is that of Social Democracy inspired by the urgent need to change the shape, content and character of partisan politics in Nigeria. To that based on issues and identifiable ideology, which is also prerequisite for governance based on the commitment to ideals.
  • Where the party has its largest base in the country: Labour Party (LP) unarguably is one of the largest structurally composed Political parties in Nigeria consisting of 3 Labour Centres NLC, TUC, ULC and the TRADE UNIONS as affiliates of the trade centres. Membership cuts across the ministers, Departments and Agencies, corporate and private organizations affiliated trade unions across the 774 LGAS, 36 STATES & FCT Harnessing these inherent potentials is the duty of leadership
  • Party’s website: (Website is down waiting activation)
  • Party’s exploits in recent elections: Member House of Representatives from Benue State, Apa/Agatu Constituency Hon. GODDAY and 6 LGA council seats in Abia state
  • Party Structure:There are four(4) levels of party organization as Structure namely:
    1. Ward
    2. Local Government Area
    3. State
    4. National.
    1. National Convention
    2. National Executive Council, NEC
    3. National Working Committee, NWC
    4. Board of Trustees, BoT
    5. State Congress
    6. State Executive Council, SEC
    7. State Working Committee, SWC
    8. Local Government Congress, LGC
    9. Local Government Area Executive Council
    10. Local Government Area Working Committee
    11. Ward Congress
    12. Ward Executive Council
  • Party Internal Mechanism:
      • Notwithstanding the provisions of ARTICLE 13(1) THE NATIONAL CONVENTION of the party which shall be held once in four(4) years
      • There shall be Special National Convention to address specific issues concerning the party when the need arises
      • National Chairman
      • Three(3) National Deputy Chairman at least one of whom must be a FEMALE and the other a representative of the platform
      • The President, Vice President, the President of the Senate, the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Houses of Representatives if produced by the party and the Governors and Deputy Governors produced by the party
      • Chairmen and Secretaries of States Executive Councils of the Party
      • Six(6) National Vice Chairmen each representing the six(6) geopolitical zones of the country
      • National Secretary
      • Three(3) National Deputy Secretaries
      • National Treasurer
      • Financial Secretary
      • National Organizing Secretary
      • National Legal Adviser
      • National Auditor
      • National Women Leader
      • Six(6) Deputy National Women Leaders each representing the six(6) geopolitical zones of the country
      • National Youth Leader
      • Six(6) Assistant National Youth Leaders each representing the six(6) geopolitical zones of the country
      • Presidents and Secretaries of Labour Centres if they are financial members of the party representing the platforms
      • Ex-officio members to be appointed by the National Executive Council
      • Chairperson of Women Commissions of Labour Centres if they are members of the party
  • Social Work/Impact of the Party: Labour Party in line with its ideological leaning has presented a full RESTRUCTURING PLAN that centres on TRUE FEDERALISM with PRODUCTIVITY OPTIMIZATION as a means of redefining governance, Political and Economic priorities of Nigeria 2023-2053. Highlights of the works and impacts shall be on:
    1. Job creation and wealth generation
    2. Community Policing
    3. Industrial and Infrastructural development
    4. Revamping the Educational and Health Care system
    5. Housing development and delivery on mortgage plans for 20 years minimum repayment at 4% rate
    6. Devolution. Of Power with Regional Governments and Hybrid parliamentary system of government
    7. Devolution. Of Power with Regional Governments and Hybrid parliamentary system of government
    8. Five (5) non-renewable Single term Political.