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National Rescue Party

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National Rescue Party
  • Name of Political Party: National Rescue Party
  • Headquarters of the party: Plot 188 American International School Rd, Off Oladipo Diva Expressway by Games Village, Durumi District, Abuja
  • Year of formation: 10 th January 2018
  • Prominent persons that formed the party: Sen. Saidu Muhammed Dansadau
  • Prominent persons still in the party: Sen. Saidu Muhammed Dansadau
  • Brief history of the party: the party was officially recognized by INEC on the 1oth of Jan. 2018. led by former senator, Saidu Dansadau, the party hopes to bring fresh ideas into rebuilding Nigeria.
  • Highest position attained by the party: None
  • Where the party has its largest base in the country: N/A
  • Party website:
  • Party exploits in recent elections: The party participated in the Osun and Ekiti Gubernatorial elections.
  • Party Structure:
    1. There shall be five (5) levels of party organization:
      • The Polling Unit
      • The Ward
      • The Local Government Area
      • The State; and
      • The National Level.
    2. Each of these levels of the party organization shall have a functioning Secretariat.
    3. The organization structure of the state level shall also apply mutatis mutandis to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.
  • Party internal mechanism: The Party shall have the following Organs:
    1. Polling Unit Party Officers
    2. Polling Unit Executive Committee
    3. Polling Unit All Members Meeting
    4. Ward Party Officers
    5. Ward Executive Committee
    6. Ward Polling Units Annual Assembly
    7. The Local Government Party Officers
    8. The Local Government Executive Committee
    9. The Local Government General Assembly
    10. The State Party Officers
    11. The State Management Committee
    12. The State Congress
    13. The National Officers of the Party
    14. National Management Committee
    15. The National Executive Committee
    16. The National Convention
  • Social work/Impact of the party: N/A
  • Party representation in terms of women/People with Disabilities (PWDs): N/A
  • How do I join the party: Membership of the party shall be open to every citizen of Nigeria irrespective of his/her religion, ethnic group, place of birth, gender, circumstance of birth, social or economic status.
  • i. A person shall be eligible to be registered as a member of a party provided that such a person:
  • a. Is a citizen of Nigeria;
  • b. Has attained the minimum age of 18 years and is not a member of another political party;
  • c. Accepts the aims, objectives, principles, fundamental values, policies and programs of the party;
  • d. Has applied for membership on an individual basis;
  • e. Shall be registered as a member of the party at the Polling Unit of birth or residence;
  • f. Shall pay the prescribed annual membership fees. g) has accepted to abide by the provisions of the Party’s Constitution and Party’s decisions at Executive Committee Meetings of all levels of the Party’s structure and Annual Meetings. ii. A registered member moving his/her residence from the Polling Unit to another within the Federal Republic of Nigeria may transfer his/her membership to the new Polling Unit subject to any conditions the party may stipulate.