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New Nigeria People Party

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New Nigeria People Party
  • Name of Political Party: New Nigeria People Party
  • Headquarters of the party: Suite FF 1-5 Willand’s Plaza Plot 511, Herbert Macaulay Way, Wuse Zone 4, Abuja.
  • Year of formation: N/A
  • Prominent persons that formed the party: N/A
  • Prominent persons still in the party: Mr. Agbo Gilbert, Dr. Boniface O. Aniebonam
  • Brief history of the party: N/A
  • Highest position attained by the party: None
  • Political leanings and ideology of the party: N/A
  • Where the party has its largest base in the country: N/A
  • Party website:
  • Party exploits in recent elections: None
  • Party Structure: For purpose of organization, the party shall operate at the following levels (in descending order) namely:
    1. National
    2. Zonal
    3. State
    4. Local Government Area (L.GA)
    5. Ward
  • Party internal mechanism: The following shall constitute the organs of the party:
    1. The National Convention
    2. The National Executive Committee
    3. The Zonal Congress
    4. The Zonal Executive Committee
    5. The State Congress
    6. The State Executive Committee
    7. The Local Government Area Congress
    8. The Local Government Area Executive Committee
    9. The Ward Congress
    10. The Ward Executive Committee
  • Social work/Impact of the party: N/A
  • Party representation in terms of women/People with Disabilities (PWDs): N/A
  • How do I join the party: Membership of the party shall be open to every Nigerian irrespective of place of origin or ethnic background. To be accepted as a member the person must fulfill the following conditions:
    1. The person shall be a Nigerian citizen and has attained the age of 18 years.
    2. The person shall lawfully possess a membership card and be registered as a member of the party at the Local Government Area of his/her residence or origin or any other place approved for this purpose by the party
    3. The person shall rot be a member of any other political party association or security agencies of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.