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People’s Redemption Party

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People’s Redemption Party
  • Name of Political Party: People’s Redemption Party
  • Headquarters of the party: No. 8, Ogbabi Street, Adjacent Military Police Headquarter, Garki 2, Abuja
  • Year of formation 1944
  • Prominent persons that formed the party: Aminu Kano
  • Prominent persons still in the party: N/A
  • Brief history of the party: The present-day PRP claims link with the PRP of the second republic and could even trace its early days back to the time of NEPU in Kano and the NCNC in the 1940s. it claims to be the oldest political party in Nigeria as it is the reignition of the previous one that won so many political offices between 1979-1983
  • Highest position attained by the party: None
  • Political leanings and ideology of the party: N/A
  • Where the party has its largest base in the country: N/A
  • Party website:
  • Party exploits in recent elections: None
  • Party Structure: There shall be five levels of party organization, as follows:
    1. The Branch
    2. The Ward
    3. The Local Government
    4. The State
    5. The National
  • Party internal mechanism: There shall be twelve party organs, as follows:
    1. The Branch Convention
    2. The Branch Executive Committee
    3. The Ward Convention
    4. The Ward Executive Committee
    5. The Local Government Convention
    6. The Local Government Executive Committee
    7. The State Convention
    8. The State Directorate
    9. The State Executive Committee
    10. The National Convention
    11. The National Directorate
    12. The National Executive Committee
  • Social work/Impact of the party: N/A
  • Party representation in terms of women/People with Disabilities (PWDs): N/A
  • How do I join the party:
    1. Membership of the party shall be open to every citizen of Nigeria, provided he or she has attained the age of 18 years.
    2. A person seeking to become a member of the party shall apply to the branch where he or she resides, or works, and pay the prescribed membership fee, and shall, on admission to the party, be entitled to all the rights, and be expected to perform all the duties, due to and expected of every other member.
    3. No person shall be entitled to participate in any election in the party unless such a person has been a fully paid-up member of the party, continuously, for a period of twelve calendar months
    4. No person shall hold, or be entitled to contest, for any party office unless such a person has been a fully paid-up, continuous, member of the party for a period of twelve calendar months.
    5. The first election in the party and to all party offices shall not be subject to the provisions of sections (c) and (d) of this article.
    6. Nigerians domiciled outside the country shall be entitled to form branches of the party in accordance with this constitution and they shall enjoy all the rights and privileges conferred by this constitution on members of the party.
    7. The payments binding on all members of the party are:
      • membership fee;
      • monthly subscription.
        1. All membership fees and monthly subscriptions collected shall be shared equally between the live levels of the party, with each level receiving twenty percent of the total amount collected, to be used solely for financing the activities of the party provided that party branches outside Nigeria may utilise all of such fees to fund their activities.
        2. A register of members shall be maintained at all five levels of the party.